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Scholars from all around the globe are studying hip-hop and its culture from so many different angles and using a myriad of different methodologies and theories. This reading room and monthly meeting is dedicated towards the collective reading and discussion of both historical and contemporary hip-hop literature from every part of the world, America to India.

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Susan A. Phillips, "Deconstructing gang graffiti," in Routledge Handbook of Graffiti and Street Art (2016).

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"Dark Matter in Breaking Cyphers"

by Dr. Imani Kai Johnson (2022)

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Schedule of
June Events

Check out our newest poster of our June events. Each month, a new poster is made which details the month's activities. Feel free to download by clicking here:

The download will be in the form of a Zip folder. To access the poster, click on the folder and drag the poster to your download folder.

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